Singer JC Chasez admits the band have neglected their fans outside the States...

*NSYNC have told NME.COM that they are planning to make their live return to Europe this winter.

Revealing that the band – whose new single ‘Pop’ went into the charts at Number Nine yesterday (July 15) – are laying plans to visit Britain in November, singer JC Chasez admitted that the band have neglected their fans in Europe.

He said: “There was a time when we were just huge over there and we couldn’t go out on the streets… and now we can’t get arrested in Europe. It’s because we ‘re just not there. We haven’t been there enough because the States is such a big territory.”


He added that the group had been at pains to prove to their European audience that there was more to them than the average boyband.

He stated: “We are five musicians. We are five singers. We would go out and do a capella stuff just to prove to the European audience that there wasn’t a tape playing behind us. We weren’t out there just to sell them a T-shirt.”

And Chasez had a dig at other boybands who were doing the rounds at the same time as *NSYNC, dismissing them as “bland”, and adding: “When we were releasing over in Europe, there was a lot of – for lack of a better word – just bland things going on. Everybody would get a formula and then just work with it. When we started in Europe, there were two other groups that were all guys like us. We just went out there and said, ‘This isn’t exactly our style’.”

*NSYNC, who release their new album ‘Celebrity’ next week (July 23), are currently on the road in the US.

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