'Celebrity' status report from the US heartthrobs...

*NSYNC have revealed that their new album will be called ‘CELEBRITY’ and is slated for release in June.

According to US sources, the boyband’s follow-up to their phenomenal ‘No Strings Attached’ will be released on June 26 in the States.

The album, on which they have been working with Kelis producers The Neptunes, includes tracks titled ‘Dirty Pop’, ‘Game Over’, ‘Gone’ and the title track, according to US website [url=]www.cdnow.com.


As previously reported on NME.COM, *NSYNC premiered their ‘Bigger Than Live’ concert film on March 30 in Los Angeles. Fans can visit [url=]www.biggerthanlive.com for details of screenings, though there are no plans to show the movie in the UK.

Meanwhile, on their forthcoming tour, which begins in Miami on May 12, they will be supported by US ‘Popstars’ band Eden’s Crush.

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