Lance Bass has launched an attack on O-Town. Meanwhile, Bass and bandmate Joey Fatone are to star in a romantic comedy...

*NSYNC have slammed pop newcomers O-TOWN – for being manufactured.

O-Town were put together on the TV series ‘Making The Band’ by Lou Pearlman, the former *N Sync manager who parted company with the group in 1999, amid bitter legal battles.

According to, Lance Bass insists that his group’s objections are justified on ethical grounds. “A lot of people watch that show and say, ‘Oh, that’s how you got together.’ We weren’t put together by anybody. We didn’t go through a boot camp audition. There was no training like that whatsoever. That’s why I think it’s really just a bunch of stupidity. I don’t think it will ever last.”

O-Town, who are preparing to release their eponymous debut album, have brushed aside *NSYNC’s sour grapes. “We don’t expect that everybody in the music industry right now will welcome us with open arms,” says O-Town’s Ashley Parker Angel. “We’re a group that is being put together on television; of course it’s going to be different than how *NSYBC came together.”

O-Town’s Dan Miller explained that they’d not encountered any hostility apart from *NSYNC?s backbiting. “We know how hard other people have worked to get where they’re at. We’re just lucky. We’ve met a lot of the other groups, and everybody’s been cool. I don’t think there’s been any reason for them to show us any attitude, at least not to our face. I hope they don’t go back and bad mouth us behind closed doors.”

Meanwhile, *NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Joey Fatone are to star in the romantic comedy ‘On The Line’.

The $10million project will be produced by Bass and his new production company, A Happy Place. The film centres on a young man (Bass) who meets a beautiful girl on the train, fails to get her phone number, so then charges his best mate (Fatone) to search for her.

Filming is scheduled for March, but that proposal has raised some sceptical eyebrows, following *NSYNC?s announcement at last year’s Cannes Film Festival that all five members of the band would star in, write and produce their own movie. Nothing to that end has been achieved. However, Imax is understood to be working on a concert movie shot during last year’s No Strings Attached tour.

Finally, A Happy Place is looking to involve itself with a $10 million Britney Spears film and is also going to produce ‘Shooting From The Heart’, requiring a cast of hip hop artists for the starring roles.