The boy band hip hop to hipness...

*NSYNC are currently working with hip hop producers THE NEPTUNES on tracks for inclusion on the follow-up to the multi-million selling ‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED’.

The five-piece are this week in a New York studio, according to MTV, just the latest studio stop on a round that has already seen them record in Orlando and Los Angeles. The album is provisionally slated for a June release.

The Neptunes, best known for producing high-profile rappers such as Jay-Z, Mystikal and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, as well as Kelis, are set to release their own debut this summer.

Speaking recently to NME.COM about the album, Pharrell Williams explained what fans could expect.

He said: “The name of the group is N.E.R.D, and it’s us, The Neptunes plus one, our friend Shay.

“It’s an acronym -Nobody Ever Really Dies… it is what it means to you and it is what it means to us, and hopefully it’s the same thing.

He added: “The title of the album is ‘In Search Of…’, and that’s basically the same thing. You know we hope you find it in our album and or we hope that our album plants the seed to spread out some land off of the branch and you land somewhere you want to be at. For me it’s a journal about a whole bunch of girls I’ve been through shit with. For the rest of the world the album is all sex and politics.”

The album will appear later this summer.

You can see a video interview with Pharrell Williams now on NMEHIPHOP.COM – just Click here.