The Stockholm-based empire responsible for hits by the likes of Britney Spears and Five quits while it's ahead...

CHEIRON STUDIOS, the STOCKHOLM-based empire whose production techniques reinvented the sound of late-’90s pop via work with Britney Spears, BACKSTREET BOYS, *N SYNC and FIVE, is closing its doors.

Cheiron‘s co-founder Max Martin, the Swedish pop maestro, considers that the original focus of Cheiron, founded by DJ-producers Denniz Pop and Tom Talomaa in the early-’90s, has now been lost.

A statement on the front page of Cheiron‘s website, [url=], reads: “After eight years of incredible joy but also enormous pain (the death of our beloved partner Denniz Pop) it’s time to move on.”


Cheiron was created with the intention of having fun, making a few hits and not getting too serious about it. We feel the ‘hype’ of Cheiron has become bigger than [the studio] itself and it’s time to quit while we’re ahead.” Cheiron‘s reputation has led some artists to tap into their hit potential – most recently Max Martin was brought in to co-write Bon Jovi‘s comeback single ‘It’s My Life’.

Cheiron boasts a team of songwriters and producers whose talents have also gone towards hits for Ace Of Base, 3T, LFO, Westlife, Solid Harmonie, Celine Dion and Robyn.

The statement concludes, “We would like to thank everybody who shared their talent with us, to many to mention here, and hope we will see you in the future. We will continue to work together in various constellations in the spirit of Denniz Pop.”

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