See the boys performing at New York's Madison Square Garden...

*NSYNC’s ‘LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN’ video is released in the UK next Monday (November 27) – and you can see a sneaky preview of it here on NME.COM.

To see the boys performing current UK single ‘This I Promise You’ live at Madison Square Gardens, choose your speed:





While the ‘No Strings Attached’ tour has been received rave reviews across America, British fans have thus far been deprived of the spectacle. Last week Justin from the band told NME.COM: “I think this tour is so big and we want to give everyone a chance to see it. That’s why we extended it.” He did admit, however, that has occasionally “totally forgotten what song we’re doing”.

The 90-minute recording of the show, to be made available on VHS and DVD, promises to convey the excitement of one of the most intensely stage-managed shows in pop history.

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