Nadine Shah explores societal pressures put on women in new song ‘Trad’

"Shave my legs, freeze my eggs"

Nadine Shah has released ‘Trad’, a new cut from her upcoming fourth album ‘Kitchen Sink’.

The song is a statement on the societal pressures women face – from being childless in their 30s and 40s (“freeze my eggs”) to feeling they have to groom in order to be deemed attractive (“shave my legs”).

Shah has said of the album, which is due for release on June 5: “It’s a conversation between me and so many of my friends in our 30s. There’s that panic that so many of us have that we are running out of time, when it comes to having children. It’s like when we were younger we all made our own timelines in our minds of when we thought we would do certain things. If you were to tell 14yr old me I’d be 34, unmarried and have no children I’d have never believed it. Lots of my friends I’ve spoken to did this very same thing [via DIY]


“My entire friend circle of women I grew up with now have children. I’ve watched some of the biggest idiots (I say that totally in jest!) become the most amazing mothers. I’m happy for them, properly happy for them. I worry for them whenever they doubt themselves and am here for them to support them when they need me. I’m proud of them. But you can’t help but compare your situation to the ones around you and this is what a lot of me and other female friends are feeling in our 30’s and 40’s. This pressure.

Nadine Shah
Nadine Shah headlining the Roundhouse in London last night. Credit: Getty

“For the album I spoke to so many women. Women who want to have children and can’t physically, women who can physically but choose not to, all different scenarios. My good friend, a woman in her late 50’s chose not to have children and continues to be one of my favourite musicians and most youthful vibrant person I know. Her story is in this album too. Essentially I’m writing about so many women that I just love. The new mothers, the rock stars, the ones doubting themselves who need our support, the ones who are ill but show an indescribable strength.

“There’s traditions that were set out years ago of how our lives should be and that has changed completely now and I for one am so proud to be a woman and to be surrounded by even greater ones.”

‘Trad’ follows lead single ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’, which was released last month.