Nadine Shah vows to run for PPL chair after Crispin Hunt steps down in favour of “diversity and meaningful change”

"My passion and my heart lies in making the music industry a fairer and better place"

Nadine Shah has put herself forward for the role of PPL’s Performer Director after Crispin Hunt announced this week that he would be stepping down.

The former Longpigs singer-songwriter, who has held the position for three terms, shared the news that he would be stepping down yesterday (July 1) in a statement on Twitter.

“I’m standing down @PPLUK Performer Director elections this November,” Hunt wrote. “3 terms is enuff on any board. Its been an honour. I hope it’ll allow a window 4 diversity/meaningful change. Musicians must always fight for our Rights. Plz stand for election. #BlackLivesMatterUK”


Shah, who released her new album ‘Kitchen Sink’ last month, shared Hunt’s announcement, writing: “My passion and my heart lies in making the music industry a fairer and better place for me and my fellow musicians to exist. I will endeavour to make this happen. I am officially putting myself forward for this role.”

Established in 1934, PPL is the UK’s music licensing company for over 110,000 performers and recording rightsholders. It licenses recorded music when it is played in public or broadcast on the radio or TV in the UK and then distributes the fees to the performers and recording rightsholders it represents.

In a statement on the PPL website, the company says it “exists to help ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work.”

Nadine Shah has been busy of late. Prior to releasing her new album ‘Kitchen Sink’, she shared a string of new songs, including ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’, ‘Trad’, ‘Buckfast’, ‘Club Cougar’, and the album’s title track.

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