Nancy Sinatra says she’ll “never forgive” Trump voters

“I don’t know what I would have done if Biden had lost”

Nancy Sinatra has reflected on the November US election, saying she could “never forgive” those who voted for Donald Trump.

A long-time outspoken critic of the former president, Sinatra also revealed she was considering leaving the United States if Joe Biden had not won the election.

“We squeaked by,” she told the Guardian of the election. “I don’t know what I would have done if Biden had lost. It crossed my mind to move to another country.”


“I couldn’t believe that this great nation had sunk so low,” she added of Trump’s four-year term. “I’ll never forgive the people that voted for him, ever. I have an angry place inside of me now. I hope it doesn’t kill me.”

CREDIT: Go Nakamura/Getty Images

Last year, Sinatra revealed that her father Frank “loathed” Trump. The comments came after after the former president paid tribute to the singer in a recent speech.

Following the president’s speech, Mia Farrow tweeted: “Frank Sinatra would have loathed Donald Trump.” The ‘My Way’ singer’s daughter responded by writing: “He actually did loathe him.”

This is not the first time Nancy has spoken out about Trump in relation to her father. In 2017, she shut the president down over reports that ‘My Way’ was to be played at his inauguration.

It had previously been reported that Paul Anka, who originally wrote the song, would be performing ‘My Way’ at the ceremony, however the singer later pulled out of the booking due to “scheduling issues.”


Asked her thoughts on Trump potentially still using the song, Nancy said: “Just remember the first line of the song.” The first line of the song is: “And now, the end is near.”

Reflecting on that message in the new interview, Sinatra said: “Yeah, I was probably too outspoken for my own good. But my passion was running so high.”

She also revealed that she never calls Trump by name in conversation. “I’ve always tried desperately never to mention it, and if I did it would have been with a lowercase ‘t’,” she said.