Nandi Bushell shares her “most challenging drum cover” of Tool’s ‘Forty Six & 2’

Bushell has shared a video of her taking on the "complex timing changes and difficult patterns" of the 'Ænima' track

YouTube star and child-prodigy drummer Nandi Bushell has shared a cover of Tool‘s 1996 single ‘Forty Six & 2’.

The cover, shared yesterday (December 13) to Bushell’s YouTube channel, marks the first time she has attempted to play one of the band’s songs on drums. In the description of the video, the 11-year-old says that ‘Forty Six & 2’ – from Tool’s ‘Ænima’ album – is “the most challenging drum cover” she has ever done.

“[There are] lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, it’s really fast in parts and it’s [a] really long song too,” she wrote.


“My Uncle Ema LOVES Tool, he has been playing me all their songs hoping I will cover one for a very long time.”

Watch Bushell’s cover below:

Though Tool – and specifically their drummer, Danny Carey – are yet to publicly respond to Bushell’s cover, several high-profile drummers have praised and collaborated with Bushell in the past, both online and in-person.

The most notable of these was Dave Grohl, who challenged the young drummer to a “battle.” Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders also joined Bushell in person to play along to some of the band’s best-known songs and to be interviewed.


Other musicians that Bushell have engaged with on her channel include Lenny Kravitz, Jack Black, Queen‘s Roger Taylor and the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Chad Smith.

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