Nandi Bushell shares ‘The Shadows’, a new song written for her dad

Bushell penned the track for her father John while he was battling health issues

Nandi Bushell has shared her new single ‘The Shadows’, which the 12-year-old musician wrote for her father – you can listen to the song below.

The Ipswich multi-instrumentalist, who performed at the Taylor Hawkins tribute show at Wembley Stadium earlier this month, penned the song for her dad while he was battling health issues earlier this year.

“Early in 2022 my Dad fell into a depression as his autoimmune disease worsened. It was a difficult time for our family,” Bushell explained about the origin of the song. “I wanted to help cheer my Dad up by writing a song for him. He would describe his feelings to me and I would put them into lyrics letting him know, I would be there for him.


“My Dad is now doing much better, he is on medication that is helping with his autoimmune disease and has recovered from his depression.

“If you are suffering from mental health issues, please reach out for help. YOU ARE LOVED. THERE IS HOPE.”

Speaking to BBC News, Bushell’s father John said he felt ‘The Shadows’ had “genuinely helped him”.

“I was having flare-ups all over my body and I was feeling really, really terrible,” he said. “Nandi was asking me questions and I was describing how I felt trapped in the bed and in my room, and she said how she wanted to do something to cheer me up. I said all my rainbows felt like they were turning to black.

“She said, ‘Let me put these words into the song,’ and finished it by saying, ‘I’ll be there for you’. I thought this is incredible, [it was] such a beautiful moment.”

For help and advice on mental health:

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