Napalm Death to play previously cancelled ‘explosive’ gig next month

Band were forced to cancel the gig in March due to safety concerns

Napalm Death‘s “explosive” gig, which was previously cancelled in March due to safety concerns, is set to go ahead next month in a new venue.

The Birmingham band’s gig at the the V&A Museum in London had been cancelled after fears the building may be damaged by the metal band’s performance. The rearranged gig will now take place at the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on November 29.

The band were due to play at the museum to showcase their work with ceramic artist Keith Harrison, who has designed a custom built ceramic sound system which would disintegrate throughout the performance before exploding. The Bustleholme event was cancelled when a safety check established that the gallery itself may collapse if the band were to perform live in the building.


Speaking about the rearranged event, artist Keith Harrison said: “Napalm Death was my band of choice – they really understood the project. We needed a group with a lot of attitude to show the power of sound, and the energy that it has to destroy. It’s interesting to see how electrical power can change material, like clay. It can warm it up, break it down or completely change its state. One thing is for sure – the gig will be both visually and aurally entertaining.”

Napalm Death frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway, added: “Sound as a weapon – or a weapon of change – is a very interesting concept and I think that the whole process of our sound gradually degrading clay sculptures is captivating.”

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