Napalm Death to appear in tomorrow’s (Feb 3) ‘Skins’

Grindcore band guesting in teen drama

Napalm Death will guest star in tomorrow’s (February 3) episode of Skins.

The band will feature as themselves playing a gig some of the show’s characters attend.

Frontman Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway told Kerrang! that he made the show’s producers change the part as he didn’t like their initial idea.


“When the producers first submitted the idea, they had me down to play this Axl Rose-type character,” he said. “I told them we haven’t got our heads up our arses and there’s no way that we’d behave that way.”

He added: “I had a scene with the character Rich [Hardbeck, played by Alex Arnold]. He’s a metal fan and I tell him to think for himself.”

Asked why he agreed to do the show, he replied: “One thing that bothers me about TV is the way that teenagers are portrayed. It’s down to the fucking Daily Mail‘s war on teenagers. They stigmatise young kids and it’s bullshit. The thing I like about Skins is it gives a genuine perspective on growing up.”

Greenway added that, although he enjoyed the cameo, it wasn’t the start of a new career for him. “I don’t think I could act my way out of a paper bag!” he said.

Napalm Death released their latest album, ‘Time Waits For No Slave’, in 2009.

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