They're offering users a free digital music player...

NAPSTER has upped the stakes in the legal download war in the US by offering its users a free digital music player.

The free MP3 player will be given to anyone subscribing to the service for a year. The subscription costs $119 (£65).

The Rio Chiba Sport is worth $130 (£71), and has a 128 megabyte storage capacity, as well as sports headphones, a stopwatch and an armband, reports the BBC.

The move comes two days after the UK launch of iTunes, though no plans have been made to bring the offer the UK.

PJ McNealy, analyst with American Technology Research, said: “This is another example of Napster trying to be creative to drive Napster subscriptions.”

Napster now faces competition from a growing number of download services such as Apple’s iTunes, OD2.