The star tells NME.COM that his rival has been "obsessing" about him...

Nas has told NME.COM that his ‘STILLMATIC’ album is “the last word” on his beef with rival NEW YORK rapper Jay-Z.

In an exclusive interview, Nas admitted that Jay-Z‘s disses on ‘The Blueprint’ album had “disappointed” him, but that he won’t be dissing Jay-Z again.

Nas has accused Jay-Z of “obsessing” about him. “Yeah, he does follow me around,” Nas said. “Fortunately, the battle allowed people to really see what was going on. I always knew he did (obsess), but I never really knew what it was about.”

Nas has since replied on ‘Ether’, a track on new album ‘Stillmatic’ which refers to his rival as “Gay-Z”, “Judas” and “Dick suckin’ lips”.

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