Apparently Nas refers to his adversary as the "fake King of New York on his new LP...

Rapper NAS has launched another attack in his long-standing war of words with JAY-Z on a track from his forthcoming album, ‘STILLMATIC’ (a play on his first album, ‘ILLMATIC’).

The track makes reference to Jay-Z‘s self-declared status as the “King of New York”, calling him “the fake king of New York”.

Nas plays on Jay-Z‘s Jackson Five-sampling new song, ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’, turning the chorus from “H to the izz-O/V to the izz-A” to “H to the izz-O/M to the izz-O”, twisting Jay-Z‘s alias Hova into Homo.


Nas also refers to Jay-Z‘s new album, ‘The Blueprint’, saying, “Nas designed your blueprint/who you kiddin?” Nas finishes it off with “Fo’ shizzle [for sure] you phony/the rapper version of Sisqo”.

The history between Jay-Z and Nas goes back to Nas’ dissing Jay-Z protege Memphis Bleek on a ‘What You Think of That’.

Bleek then struck back at Nas in the magazine ‘The Source’, saying, “We just want to

let Nas know, that we have people in this camp that can answer back.” He followed by making reference to Nas’ album ‘It Was Written’, with the track, ‘My Mind Right’ saying, “Your lifestyle’s written, so who you supposed to

be?” The insults have been traded ever since.

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