The Summer Jam headliner pulls out over 'disrespect'...

Nas has accused New York rap radio station HOT 97 of trying to censor his performance at their annual Summer Jam festival.

In an outburst on a rival station, The New York rapper explained why he’d pulled out of headlining the event, held this week at the Nassau Coliseum, saying the organisers had laid down the law on what he “couldn’t do on the show”.

“I’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked, and the whole nine,” said the rapper in an interview with Power 105. “I was begged to do the Summer Jam… I was told to come there to save [DJ] Angie Martinez’s job, and help the ratings over there. But I was dissed by Hot 97 and told what I couldn’t do on the show. They begged me to be the headliner but they told me what I couldn’t do. They’ve treated me like a crab… treated me with total disrespect.”


In the interview he also attacked new releases by CAM’RON, NELLYand NOREAGA , apparently queried JAY-Z’s sexuality, and accused Hot 97 of accepting bribes from labels including DEF JAM to play their artists’ records.

This latest bout of inter-rapper scrapping follows last year’s Summer Jam when Jay-Z used the event to launch attacks on Nas and Mobb Deep.

Jay-Z’s performance included a segment where he displayed photographs of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy taking ballet lessons as a child, dressed in a tutu.

The lyrics Jay dropped that day later turned up on his ‘The Blueprint’ album, and it now seems likely that his Summer Jam appearance was a calculated attempt to plug the record and boost sales.

Nas was rumoured to be planning a mock lynching of Jay-Z during his performance of the song ‘Ether’ at Summer Jam as a retort to Jay-Z’s attacks at last year’s event.

And it was apparently this that Hot 97 took exception to. They asked him to drop the stunt and he walked out.


In the interview Nas dissed Cam’ron, N.O.R.E. and Nelly for what he felt were poor quality new LPs and appeared to question Jay-Z’s sexuality by noting that Jay “makes records about how much he hates women, which makes me really curious”.

He also described Hot 97 as “an evil empire funded by a bunch of other evil empires, Def Jam’s one of ’em, giving ’em money to play they artists’ records.”

The interview, broadcast on Wednesday June 26 during Summer Jam, has already made waves in the global hip hop community and looks set to generate further sniping in the coming weeks.

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