Nas records Obama song on US election day

MC laid track down in Norway this morning (November 4)

Nas has recorded a brand new track to commemorate today’s historic general election in the US, which could see the country vote in favour of its first-ever African-American President.

The New Yorker is currently on tour in Norway and went into the studio early this morning (November 4) to record the song entitled ‘Election Night’.

The track’s producer DJ Green Lantern sent MTV News a copy of the song upon it’s completion saying:


“I’m currently on tour in Europe with Nas and we were at dinner last night talking about how crazy it is that we’re not in the states on Election Day. Someone quoted his verse from ‘Black President,’ when he said ‘What’s the Black Prez thinkin’ on Election Night?’ And Nas said, ‘Set up the mic β€” I’m gonna speak on that.’ And the result is ‘Election Night.’ “

According to the MTV News report, the track samples Barack Obama‘s voice with first-time voter Nas rapping:

“How can I front?/ Barack been campaigning like 21 months/ The whole country needs answers / While he has to deal with grandma dying from cancer/ He ain’t even got time to weep/ And we standing on line when we normally don’t/ People claim black people too lazy to vote.”

The MC also sampled the Democratic candidate’s voice in ‘Black President’ which features on his current ‘Untitled’ album.

–By our New York staff.

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