Natalie Imbruglia hit by technical hitch at V Festival

Singer debuts new songs from Chris Martin-penned comeback album after mic blows

Natalie Imbruglia suffered a technical hitch during her V Festival slot at Staffordshire this afternoon (August 22).

The singer, who arrived onstage dressed in a black sparkly dress to a packed Arena tent, was greeted with huge chants of “We can’t hear you,” as she attempted to sing new track ‘WYUT’ blissfully unaware there was no sound coming from her mic.

Imbruglia then walked offstage once she was informed of the technical hitch, staying backstage for five minutes while the crowd bellowed: “You’re not singing anymore.”

When she eventually came back onstage she apologised to the throng that had gathered and said: “I think we had a false start. Don’t have an issue with me and I won’t have an issue with you.”

The singer then went on to showcase four new tracks from her forthcoming album ‘Come To Life’ including ‘Want’ and ‘Fun’, which were both co-written with Coldplay‘s Chris Martin.

But the biggest highlight of her set was her 1997 Number Two hit single ‘Torn’, which saw the whole tent singing back the chorus in unison.

As she launched into the track she assured the crowd: “You definitely know this one so I want to see everyone dancing with their hands in the air.”

Natalie Imbruglia played:

‘Wishing I Was There’
‘Big Mistake’
‘My God’

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