After Eminem and Snoop Dogg's brushes with the law, Nate Dogg is arrested...

Rapper Nate Dogg is the latest in a growing number of the ‘UP IN SMOKE’ tour members to fall foul of the law.

Dogg was arrested at his home in Pomona near Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (June 17) and charged with arson and kidnapping.

It is alleged that the Nate, real name Nathaniel Hale, held his former girlfriend, a woman identified by simply as Rhoda, at her home in Lakewood, California against her will. He is then said to have assaulted her and set fire to her mother’s car – which was by the house at the time. He was bailed from a Los Angeles county jail on a $1million bond.


Dogg had completed the second date of ‘Up In Smoke’ tour the previous night (June 16) in Arnheim.

During the early hours of that day Nate‘s cousin Snoop Dogg had seen his tour bus raided by police in southern California close to San Diego. They had smelled marijuana during a routine check and boarded the bus to investigate. However, as previously reported on, a colleague of Snoop Dogg‘s admitted ownership of the 300 grams found, and, after being charged with possession, he was released.

Meanwhile, Eminem, the highest profile star on a tour which also includes Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Warren G, is looking at two court dates over two separate firearm incidents around his Detroit home just prior to the tour. The most serious of which is the alleged pistol whipping of a love rival at the Hard Rocks Cafe on June 4.

Eminem made it clear his feelings on the incident when during the first night of ‘Up In Smoke in San Diego (June 15) he brought a blow-up doll onstage which he called Kim (his wife’s name) and proceeded to toss it about and batter it while performing current single ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

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