He certainly has a lot of famous pals...

SNOOP DOGG, Timbaland, EVE and Nate Dogg are among the artists who appear on the new eponymous album from EVE.

The eponymous album is not scheduled for release until February, but reports that it will also feature Shade Shiest, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Chris, Redman, Lil’ Mo, Faolous, Icarus and Ms Jade and Knoc-Turn’al.

The tracklisting runs:

‘There She Goes’

‘Get Up’ (featuring Xzibit)

‘Somebody Like Me’ (featuring Shade Shiest)

‘Leave Her Alone’ (featuring Memphis Bleek, Freeway and Chris of the Young Gunz)

‘Bad Girls’ (featuring Redman)

‘Keep It Real’ (featuring Lil’ Mo, Fabolous and Icarus)

‘I Got Game’ (featuring Snoop Dogg, and Armed Robbery)

‘Round and Round’

‘The Hard Way’ (featuring [/a], and Armed Robbery)

‘I Need A Beeyatch’ (featuring Armed Robbery)

‘Right Back Where You Are’

‘Born to Mack’ (featuring [a] and Ms. Jade)

‘All Night Long’

‘No More Lies’ (featuring Knoc-Turn’Al)