The National call on US fans to stop controversial health bill during Glastonbury set

"If you are from Ohio, call Rob Portman".

The National‘s Matt Berninger has called on US fans to contact Ohio senator Rob Portman – ahead of a new health bill being passed by the US senate as early as next week.

The lead singer spoke out during the band’s Glastonbury set and urged fans to show their contempt for the bill, which is reportedly set to slash health benefits of some of the US’s most vulnerable citizens.

Speaking to the crowd, he said: “”If you are from Ohio, call this guy Rob Portman. Tell him your name and your zip code. Tell him you don’t like the health bill.

“He’s a good guy. He’s a Republican but he’s got a backbone, he’s got integrity. He’s a poet – he’s got the power to stop something in America that could really hurt a lot of people this week.”

Displaying a photo of the Republican on his phone, he added: “That’s what I’m saying. His number’s right there –  zoom in on it.”

The moment came during The National’s triumphant slot on the Pyramid Stage – which saw them deliver a set that heavily leaned on forthcoming album ‘Sleep Well Beast’.

Matt Berninger also paid tribute to the UK before playing ‘England’.

“You guys have been going through tonnes of shit over here lately. This is for you”, he said.