NCT 127 say they haven’t been able to “fully celebrate” their success

"But just from being able to see how far we’ve come is enough to make us happy”

NCT 127 have opened up about the success of their recent releases and how they haven’t been able to fully appreciate it yet.

In recent months, the K-pop boyband have reached new milestones and set personal record for themselves. First with their third full-length album ‘Sticker’, which peaked at Number Three on the Billboard 200, and a little over a month later with its repackaged version ‘Favorite’ garnering over 1million pre-orders in a day.

“We haven’t been able to fully celebrate yet,” Johnny said of their success and busy release schedule in an interview with Clash. “But just from being able to see how far we’ve come is enough to make us happy”.


“I remember feeling so proud when talking together with the members,” Yuta added. “I think we were able to prepare for ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ with even more energy because of the great results we received through ‘Sticker’.”

Beyond the numbers, the group shared how ‘Favorite’ also broke new ground in terms sound for the group. “This album was an opportunity for us to showcase the things we’ve been practicing both musically and personally,” says Jaehyun. “It was a great relief to see how much our fans enjoyed it.”

If there’s anything the group is taking away from their latest releases, it’s the confidence to keep exploring new genres. “As NCT 127, I want to continue showing our unique color and charms to even more people,” enthused Yuta.

Member Doyoung also echoes this sentiment, expressing his hopes for NCT to “become a group that never stops taking on new challenges.”

During a previous interview with Billboard, the boyband spoke about the commercial success of full-length album ‘Sticker’ in the United States. “I really believe we’re going down a good path,” said Taeyong of the K-pop group’s achievements over the past month.

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