NCT 127 on ‘Sticker”s success: “We’re going down a good path”

"We're all really giving our everything"

NCT 127 have shared their thoughts on the commercial success of their third studio album ‘Sticker’.

During their interview with Billboard, the nine-member subunit of SM Entertainment‘s NCT spoke about the commercial success of full-length album ‘Sticker’ in the United States since it dropped in September. “I really believe we’re going down a good path,” said Taeyong of the K-pop group’s achievements over the past month.

“When we first went to the States, what was our rank back then? 11th?” The NCT leader referred to the group’s past appearance on the Billboard 200 chart with 2019’s ‘We Are Superhuman’. ‘Sticker’ has since set new records for the stars, debuting at Number Three on the same chart, surpassing their own Number Five peak set by their 2020 album ‘Neo Zone’.


“So we were at number 11 and continued to go up,” Taeyong continued, before adding that he personally felt “proud” not just as a fellow member of the group, but as a representative of NCT 127 as well. “I’m proud of our members and we’re all really giving our everything.”

The rapper also went on to thank the group’s fans, also known as NCTzens, for supporting the nine-piece through their rise in the US. “It’s our fans who helped us achieve these great results,” he said.

NCT 127 released the repackaged version of ‘Sticker’, re-titled as ‘Favorite’, earlier this week. The re-release sees the 11 songs included in the original album, alongside three new additions: title track ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ and B-sides ‘Love On The Floor’ and ‘Pilot’.