NCT Dream throwback to the ’90s in groovy ‘Beatbox’ music video

Their repackaged studio album of the same title is out now

NCT Dream have returned with a repackaged version of their March studio album ‘Glitch Mode’ titled ‘Beatbox’, led by a new title track of the same name.

The new visual opens with rapper Mark picking up a microphone and beatboxing, causing the rest of the group and a cheering crowd to materialise around him. The boyband later break into dance, performing to ‘Beatbox’ in a school hallway and outside a gas station.

Yeah, make some mad beats together (yeah, yeah) / Make a beatbox, pop it (yeah, yeah) / More and more makes perfect / Everywhere I go, bring the beatbox,” the boyband sing on the upbeat chorus.


In addition to ‘Beatbox’, the re-release features three more new tracks, in addition to the 11 previously released on ‘Glitch Mode’. The new additions include the tracks ‘To My First’, ‘Sorry Heart’ and ‘On The Way’.

The album arrives nearly two months after the release of ‘Glitch Mode’, which was given four stars in a review by NME’s Rhian Daly. That record had been the follow-up to last June’s ‘Hello Future’, which itself was a repackaged version of their May 2021 debut studio album ‘Hot Sauce’.

In a recent interview, NCT Dream discussed their preference for experimenting with different genres of music through their releases to express the group’s sound. “I feel like if we follow the mainstream tracks, NCT Dream could lose the path that we’re trying to walk on,” said member Renjun.

“We wanted to show that we could shine with our own music taste. And since the trends always change, the songs that we do now could be mainstream in the future.”

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