NCT Dream glitch out in futuristic music video for ‘Glitch Mode’

Their second full-length album is out now

NCT Dream have unveiled a whimsical music video for ‘Glitch Mode’, the title track of their new studio album of the same name.

In the new visual, NCT Dream play employees at a retro-futuristic video game store, where they switch between different consoles between their work duties. They also appear in a pink-tinted control room filled with blinking screens, where they imitate video game glitches in the track’s creative choreography.

When I’m in front of you, glitch mode / My whole body freezes, reload / My head is spinning, spinning, migraine / Again and again, I’m in glitch mode,” they chant in the energetic chorus.


‘Glitch Mode’ record also marks the NCT sub-unit’s first release of 2022. It comes nine months after their last release, ‘Hello Future’, which was a repackaged version of their May 2021 debut studio album ‘Hot Sauce’.

‘Hot Sauce’ had notably marked the official return of Canadian-Korean member Mark Lee, who had not been featured in the group since 2018’s ‘Candle Light’. As part of the unit’s previous rotational graduation system, Mark had left the NCT Dream in December that year upon turning 20.

SM Entertainment later removed the rotational system in April 2020 in favour of a fixed group consisting of the boyband’s seven original members, completed by Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Renjun, Jeno and Jisung.

Earlier this month, Lee unveiled his first-ever solo song ‘Child’, as part of SM Entertainment’s ongoing ‘SM Station’ digital music project. The track was also the first under a new ‘SM Station’ project, dubbed ‘NCT Lab’, which will serve as a channel for the members of NCT to release new music, solo or otherwise, in the future.

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