NCT Dream on their discography so far: “We’re making it up as we go”

The septet hope to create music that could be mainstream in the future

NCT Dream have opened up about their thoughts on the group’s diverse discography and their approach to music.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the boyband shared that they favoured experimenting with different genres as a means to truly express the group’s sound. In the past year, NCT Dream have released songs such as the hip-hop-inspired ‘Glitch Mode’, the Latin-influenced ‘Hot Sauce’, pop anthem ‘Hello Future’ and more.

“I feel like if we follow the mainstream tracks, NCT Dream could lose the path that we’re trying to walk on,” Renjun explained. “We wanted to show that we could shine with our own music taste. And since the trends always change, the songs that we do now could be mainstream in the future.”


“We’re going on our own path and making it up as we go,” he adds, with Jaemin chiming in that he is “proud of each album that [the group have] released”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the group also talked about how their primary goal with ‘Glitch Mode’ was to show fans their growth as they enter their twenties. “We knew we had to upgrade our game so our fans could be extra excited,” Mark said. “We wanted to show the people we developed and grew, and that was the focus on every angle of the album.”

‘Glitch Mode’, which dropped last month, marks the NCT sub-unit’s first release of the year. It comes nine months after their last release, ‘Hello Future’, which itself was a repackaged version of their May 2021 debut studio album ‘Hot Sauce’.

‘Hot Sauce’ had notably marked the official return of Canadian-Korean member Mark Lee, who had not been featured in the group since 2018’s ‘Candle Light’. As part of the unit’s previous rotational graduation system, Mark had left the NCT Dream in December that year upon turning 20.

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