NCT’s Mark Lee says he feels he was “destined” to become a K-pop idol

The singer said he would’ve probably missed the audition under normal circumstances

Mark Lee of boyband NCT has opened up about his road to becoming a K-pop idol, saying that he feels it was “destined”.

In a recent appearance on the K-pop Daebak Show With Eric Nam, the Korean-Canadian singer/rapper shared that he didn’t originally intend on trying out for a South Korean entertainment company. However, he revealed that a series of strange circumstances eventually led to him auditioning for SM Entertainment.

“Whenever I talk about my audition story, I always say that it was pretty destined,” Lee said, noting that when he was younger he was “very devoted” to his schooling life. “I was always a good, hardworking student, and my parents were very supportive of me getting good grades. Like, they always dreamed of me as the son who’d eventually go to a good college and stuff like that.”


“But there was this time where there was this [huge K-pop entertainment company] coming to [his hometown of] Vancouver for a global audition and my older brother who was more interested in K-pop and all that – the music world – he was going to go,” he continued.

“It wasn’t even on a weekend, it was on a weekday and I probably would’ve went to school,” Lee added. However, the singer said he eventually gained the “courage” to attend the audition after school was suddenly cancelled the same week.

“The reason why I said it felt like destiny was because, for some unknown reason, my school like went on strike,” Lee explained. “My teachers went on strike that day – or that couple of days – it was on a weekday, it wasn’t even a holiday or anything. And so, I was like, ‘Alright, I got no school. Well, let’s try it out.’ And I went with my brother, and it turned out to be like this.”

Last month, NCT Dream returned with ‘Hello Future’, a repackaged version of their debut album ‘Hot Sauce’. The repackaged album features three brand-new songs – including the title track ‘Hello Future’, plus B-sides ‘Life Is Still Going On’ and ‘Bungee’ – alongside the 10 songs on the original version of the record.


The septet released ‘Hot Sauce’ in May, alongside a vibrant and whimsical video for the title track of the same name. ‘Hot Sauce’ marked NCT Dream’s first-ever full-length album as well as the long-awaited return of Lee.

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