NCT’s Taeyong reveals he is working on new solo music

The K-pop idol also spoke about a possible solo tour in the future

NCT member Taeyong has shared that he has new solo music in the works.

In a new interview with tmrw magazine, NCT’s Taeyong discussed his first solo mini-album ‘Shalala’ and his upcoming plans. Taeyong shared that his next solo record is already in the works, while teasing a possible solo tour in the future as well.

“We just started to plan my second solo album,” said the NCT rapper. “I’ll continue to work hard, hoping to meet fans at my solo tour one day. There are a lot more emotional songs [than before]. So, I don’t want to spoil it right now but it’s kinda like that.”


Taeyong also voiced his desire to tour as a soloist, calling it his “next goal”. He added: “If I have a solo tour, I’m able to show a lot of things by myself, you know? Like my performances and other things like that. I already have a lot of ideas, and I’m really excited.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the idol shared that he had felt “very satisfied” with his debut solo record ‘Shalala’. “Hip-hop is the genre I was very confident to perform in. With this mini-album, I focused on showcasing and incorporating that and the old-school genre as well,” he explained.

“It’s the album that met the fans’ expectations and made fans anticipate my future solo endeavours,” added Taeyong.

Next month, NCT sub-unit NCT 127 – which features Taeyong – will be making a comeback with their fifth studio album ‘Fact Check’. While SM Entertainment has yet to release its tracklist, the record will contain a total of nine songs.

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