Neck Deep promise to “step it up” ahead of Reading & Leeds headline set

"We've got to step it up today and make it a really sick show".

Neck Deep have promised that they’ll play one of their best shows ever as they prepare to headline The Lock Up stage at Reading & Leeds Festival, and described the honour as a “dream”. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The Wrexham band, who released third album ‘The Peace And The Panic’ earlier this month, spoke to NME as they gear up for their biggest appearance at Reading and Leeds to date.

Guitarist Fil Thorpe-Evans said: “It’s definitely a big deal for us because we’ve played it before a few years ago and we were middle of the bill kind of thing, and the following year we came back and did really early on the main stage.


“Now, to come back and headline any stage is a big deal. There’s a lot of sick bands on before us, and it makes you feel like damn, we’ve got to step it up today and make it a really sick show.”

Singer Ben Barlow said: “It’s gonna be a good show. It’s the last show of the day and the first day, so people have still got a bit of energy. We’ve attended Reading and Leeds as punters before so we know that first day is usually when you’ve got the most energy.”

“10 o clock’s a good time [to play]. 10 o clock is when the night starts at Leeds fest so I think we’ll be good. I think people will be nice and rowdy by that point.”

They also opened up on the chance to play their new album to a festival crowd for one of the first times ever.

“It’s now just playing it for the first time, it’s how about it feels”, Barlow said

“It’s about how it feels on stage, how you play it…this is great practice for it.”