Neil Young to make ‘Archives’ announcement?

Speculation spreads he is to release rare tracks series

Neil Young is due to make an announcement at IT company Sun Microsystems‘ conference this afternoon (May 6) – fuelling speculation that the long-long awaited ‘Archives’ series is finally about to see the light of day.

In January this year, our sister site reported that Neil Young had decided to ditch the current CD format for his impending ‘Archives’ series, in favour of new-fangled Blu-Ray DVD technology.

Young said at the time, at a press conference at Sundance Film Festival: “I know it’s in technical production now, but it’s only coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD. There won’t be CDs. Technology has caught up to what the concept was in the first place [and] how we’re able to actually present it. But there’s no doubt it will come out this year.”

Sun Microsystems have released the following statement about today’s announcement from the singer: “Neil Young and Sun will make an announcement during the event, and provide a special demonstration of a new multi-media music project. Come hear and see what Java technology means to Neil Young“.

Watch the announcemnt live at 4.30pm (BST) by heading to