The legend is recovering well after suffering a brain aneurysm...

[url=]NEIL YOUNG is expected to make a “full recovery” after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The music legend underwent surgery last Tuesday (March 29) and is making “excellent” progress, according to his agent.

Agent Bob Merlis told BBC news: “The doctors say his progress has been excellent and the expectation is that he will make a full recovery.”


[url=]Young had planned to perform at Canada’s Juno music awards on Sunday, but was advised by doctors not to travel.

He said: “I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to make it to Winnipeg for the Junos as I had hoped.

”I grew up there and was really looking forward to the show as well as spending some time with my old friends and family.

“Thanks to my doctors, I’m feeling a lot better now so I hope I can get a rain check.”

The aneurysm was reportedly discovered after [url=]Young’s vision became blurred while participating in the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony last month.