'Let's Roll' is inspired by the hijackers who fought back onboard United Airlines Flight 93...

Neil Young‘s song inspired by the September 11 terrorist attacks in NEW YORK and WASHINGTON has been made available via the Internet.

The track, titled ‘Let’s Roll’, has already been sent to radio across America, but is now available on the star’s official website www.neilyoung.com.

The song is inspired by United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania after the people on board apparently fought back against their hijackers after hearing of the earlier destruction at the World Trade Centre and Pentagon.

The track is also likely to feature on the new Neil Young album, which has been given a tentative title of ‘Are You Passionate?’. The album’s working tracklisting is: ‘You’re My Girl’

‘Mr. Disappointment’


‘Don’t Say You Love Me’

‘Let’s Roll’

‘Are You Passionate?’

‘Goin’ Home’

‘When I Hold You in My Arms’

‘Be With You’

‘Two Old Friends’

‘She’s A Healer’