The band want the rock legend to play harmonica on the follow-up to 'Drawn From Memory'...

EMBRACE are trying to track down NEIL YOUNG to play harmonica on their forthcoming third album.

The band are currently in the studio with Coldplay producer Ken Nelson. Throughout the last few months they have worked on various new tracks, with titles including ‘It’s Going To Take Time’, ‘If You’ve Never Been In Love With Anything’ and more recently ‘Make It Last’ and ‘Hey, What You Trying To Say’ – which vocalist Danny McNamara revealed will feature a three-part vocal harmony.

Speaking about ‘Hey, What You Trying To Say’ via the official Embrace website, Neil Young ‘Harvest’ feeling to it”. He continued: “It would be excellent if we could get him to play harmonica on it. I’m sure he’s too busy but I think I might try and ask him. ” He added: “Anyone have any idea how I might track him down? I’d prefer to ask him in person rather than go through the usual channels.”


McNamara lists an e-mail address at which he can be contacted, but warns fans not to “send me any attachments or spam mail, neither my computer nor my brain can handle it”.

In other news, Embrace will play no more secret live shows until after the record is completed because the band “work from 12 till 10 every weekday in the studio”.

The as-yet-untitled record will be completed later in the year, and Embrace are planning festival dates later in the summer.