Watch as Neil Young releases new video for ‘Indian Givers’

Video includes footage protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Neil Young has released a new video for ‘Indian Givers’, which includes footage from the protests surrounding the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Young is also seen singing in his car during the video, with lyrics stating: “There’s a battle raging on the sacred land/Our brothers and sisters have to take a stand/Against us now for what we all been doing/On the sacred land there’s a battle brewing.”

Earlier this year, Young released live album ‘EARTH’. It included highlights from Young’s extensive discography, with new musical overdubs added to the mixes as well as a host of nature-inspired sounds.


Young has also been promoting his high-quality MP3 player Pono. Admitting that Pono has been struggling for sales, Young said: “I like my music the way I make it now, as close as I can get it.”

Asked if he would consider partnering Pono with a large organisation, Young said: “Only if I had complete control over the quality. I don’t care about making money, that’s not what I’m about. And so far, there’s no danger of that happening.”

Young revealed he rarely sees concerts now, and may not see the other musicians he plays with at Desert Trip festival in October. Young plays with Paul McCartney on October 8 and 15 on a bill in California also starring The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and The Who over the two weekends.


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