Neil Young and Crazy Horse announce first shows in four years

They'll play them with "no rehearsal"

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have announced their first shows since 2014.

The legendary Canadian musician released his first album, ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’, in 1969. They have since released 23 records together, including EPs and live albums. 

Young announced the dates on his website, writing: “First time in a long time, live on stage. No rehearsal.” The line-up for the shows will include bassist Billy Talbot, drummer Ralph Molina, and guitarist Nils Lofgren. Jonathan Richman will open at the gigs, which take place next week.


Neil Young and Crazy Horse will play:

Fresno, Warners Theatre (May 1, 2)

“We are all excited to play together again,” Young wrote in another post. “Nils being back in the group really lets us do a lot. We are all very ready to get on the boards.

“Life is an unfolding saga,” he continued. “A few months ago we started talking about playing some remote clubs and getting our feet wet again. Poncho is unable to join us right now, but we all hope he will be back. Now Nils is with us again! Nils was an original member of Crazy Horse along with Jack Nietsche and Danny Whitten, playing on Crazy Horse’s first album.”

Young also said the band were “stoked” to be playing their songs again, but had “no new ones” at present. Tickets for the shows are available now and can be purchased here.


Meanwhile, the musician recently called farewell tours “bullshit”. Asked about the show runs currently announced by the likes of Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, and Paul Simon, Young said: “I’m going out with Cher. Cher and I are doing a retirement tour. When I retire, people will know, because I’ll be dead. They’ll know, ‘He’s not coming back! He retired.’ But I’m not gonna say, ‘I’m not coming back.’ What kind of bullshit is that? I could go out and play if I felt like it, but I don’t feel like it.”