Neil Young writes lengthy Facebook statement on Standing Rock protests, Thanksgiving and Trump

Young showed strong support for the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors in his post

Neil Young has posted a lengthy statement to his official Facebook page that covers subjects ranging from President-elect Donald Trump to the ongoing protests against the controversial construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in the US.

The Canadian-born 71-year-old took to his social media page earlier today (November 28) to share his thoughts on a number of the issues facing the US at the moment, which he prefaced by talking about the “fictional” history of Thanksgiving.

“It is now widely understood this Thanksgiving story is a fictional history. It was invented to whitewash the vicious genocide wrought upon the native inhabitants of this magnificent continent. Not only did the Europeans try to eradicate native populations, but they made every effort to eviscerate their culture, their language and eliminate them from these coveted lands.”


Young also urged President Barack Obama to step in at the Standing Rock protests, which have been staged against the building of the $3.7bn pipeline – which would transport crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois – and have been fronted by the local Sioux tribe, as well as thousands of Native American supporters from across the continent.

“We are calling upon you, President Barack Obama, to step in and end the violence against the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock immediately.”

The musician then addressed the fall-out from Trump’s surprise election to the Presidency on November 8, referring to him only as “America’s surprise President.”

“The surprise president elect was not the winner of the popular vote, does not have a mandate for the change of ideals envisioned. Keep in mind, close to over two million more people voted for another candidate. Nor is the surprise president the leader of the free world. Two hundred of the worlds nations believe in science, above the profits of the oil, gas and coal industries, and are committed to working together to protect the future from an unchecked climate crisis.

“The surprise president claims he does not believe in climate science nor the threats it presents and his actions and words reflect that claim in tangible and dangerous ways. Do not be intimidated by the surprise presidents’ cabinet appointees as they descend the golden escalator. Those who behave in racist ways are not your leaders. The golden tower is not yours. The White House is your house.”

See the full post below.


Last week, fellow Canadian Mac DeMarco voiced his support for the Standing Rock protestors.

“I stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and the Seven Council Fires Sioux Nation, Oceti Sakowin,” DeMarco wrote on his Instagram. “I extend my hand in friendship to the indigenous people of this land we all live in. Right now, the indigenous people and allies of Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota are fighting to protect their sacred sites, land and natural resources.”