Neil Young on NRA spokesperson’s hatred of his music: “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

The NRA spokesperson has compared his voice to that of "a dying cow"

Neil Young has responded to NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch’s criticism of his music, quipping: “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

Loesch’s Twitter often finds her espousing her hatred of certain musical acts, with everyone from Fleet Foxes, to System Of A Down and Crazy Town coming in her crosshairs. But Young’s music has been a frequent target, with Loesch once comparing his voice to that of “a dying cow”.

Now, Young has asked why Loesch doesn’t just shoot him if she hates his music so much.  “The spokesperson? That woman? She doesn’t like me?” he told The Daily Beast.“Well, she’s one of the gang over there. Although Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows. What’s her name, huh? Well, I’m glad I got under her skin.”

Later, he views some of her tweets and laughs: “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

Neil Young was recently unveiled as an actor in new Netflix show Paradox, for which is is releasing a soundtrack album.

The album and film both release on March 23. Daryl Hannah’s feature directional debut – described as “a free-spirited tale of music and love” – is set to premiere at SXSW.

Young stars in Paradox along with Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah. Members of Young’s band, Promise of The Real, also make an appearance.