Neil Young slams Donald Trump in Black Lives Matter letter: “He has tried to turn us against one another”

"That sorry man will not destroy the American Dream"

Neil Young has doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump in a new letter that voices his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the latest letter to fans online, the musician said he was hopeful in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, before moving on to address the rise of BLM in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

He wrote: “Although it could get a lot worse, the pandemic that is, I think we all learn together. Some of us will get sick, especially those who protested, their families, those of us who care and feel. We know black lives matter.


“My heart goes out to all our black families affected, so that’s all the black families through American history. I feel like we are turning a corner. All together, all colours on the street. We know our mission is the right one for America and for mankind.”

Addressing Donald Trump’s controversial handling of the protests, he said: “Although I think our president is responsible for a lot of this unrest we feel today as he has fanned the flames and tried to turn us against one another for his political reasons, I am thankful that we are all standing for what we believe, and I think we will be a better country for this.

“He is, in the end, just a poor leader who is building walls around our house. I believe he will be powerless soon and I wish him the best in his next life. That sorry man will not destroy the American Dream.”

Neil Young
Neil Young (Picture: Matt Kincaid/Getty Images)

In his latest letter, Young also confirmed that he would vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, having previously backed Bernie Sanders before the Senator withdrew from the race in April.

“Whether you think Barack Obama’s white brother can handle this situation or not, he will most likely be our new leader, bringing compassion and empathy back to the Whitehouse. May the Great Spirit be with you Joe Biden,” his letter read. “I hope his new vice president will be Stacey Abrams, but I will take whoever he chooses. Stacy is my favourite from a good group of candidates. May the great spirit be with Joe Biden on his choices.”


He concluded: “On the streets today, we smell and see the smoke and fire autocracy as it extinguishes itself before our eyes. It will burn for a while and be scary and ugly, as is its source, but I have hope and I feel it in my bones.

“This is not the American Way. We have a great future before us, not an easy one, a great one.”

The singer, who became a naturalised US citizen in January, previously wrote an open letter to Trump, calling him “a disgrace to my country” and accusing him of “mindless destruction of our shared natural resources, our environment, and our relationships with friends around the world.”

Meanwhile, Young’s 1975 album ‘Homegrown’ is finally set for release this month, some 45 years after it was completed.