Nelly suggests the veteran should be pensioned off on a new track...

Rap superstar Nelly has kicked new life into his ongoing beef with KRS-ONE suggesting the veteran should be pensioned off.

Despite KRS-One’s claim that there was no argument between the pair, Nelly has launched his new salvo in Hip-Hop’s freshest battle.

Appearing on the track ‘Roc The Mic’, on the forthcoming Jay-Z-helmed soundtrack album ‘State Property’ alongside hotly tipped newcomer Freeway, Nelly disses KRS emphatically.

“I struck a nerve in old emcees wanting to come back”, Nelly raps. “I got respect but he’s lost and that’s that/Like K – no-one even said your name/R

– you really feelin’ guilty about something, man/S – sad to see you really

did want this/One – more hit please please/You’re the first old man that should get a rapper’s pension”.

In other Nelly news, the St Louis native was reportedly barred from entering the city’s Union Station shopping mall last week.

The rapper, who was trying to buy 25 matching football shirts for a video shoot, was refused admission after he refused to remove his headgear, which shopping centre security guards said infringed a city-wide ban on clothing associated with gangs.