KRS insists he "has no beef" with his fellow hip-hop star...

Veteran rap star KRS-One has denied sparking a war of words with hip-hop superstar Nelly.

According to a lengthy statement released by – KRS-One‘ New Jersey-based PR consultants last week, a confrontation has been simmering since last year.

Nelly‘s ‘Number One’ single contained unspecific attacks on rappers who talk about: “The real hip hop/Then their next album flops”. Following ‘Number One’s release, a guest verse by – KRS-One on a single by little-known rapper Tone Def, was promoted to media outlets as his response to Nelly‘s song. The St Louis rapper appeared on MTV, BET and gave responses to interview questions suggesting he was engaged in a battle with- KRS-One.

“It seems as if Nelly is being pushed into a position where he has to protect himself, his image, his credibility, and his manhood,” saysKRS-One, who surprised many in the hip-hop world earlier this year when his new album, ‘Spiritual Minded’, announced his conversion to Christianity. “I am forever prepared to accept any emcee challenge, and I do so eagerly, ready to deliver historical ass whippings to any emcee in doubt. But, the year is 2002, and not 1987. KRS-One is a lot more disciplined these days.”

He added: “The temptation to release another Hip -Hop classic at the expense of Nelly‘s credibility and career is great, but it is not overwhelming. I can see the opportunity to strengthen Hip-Hop’s Unity, not indulge in a battle that leaves us both without wisdom.

“Therefore, I shall remain silent, and observe. I do have an atomically

charged, lyrically activated emcee bomb ready for detonation. But what does

the use of such a weapon prove when the original cause of the confrontation

was built upon gossip and the need to use controversy to sell a record? I

shall not be lured into such traps! I have no beef withNelly, lyrically or


KRS-One is involved in promoting Hip-Hop Appreciation Week, which runs from May 13 – 20.