The unlikely duo team up to perform at a party in a Miami mansion...

NELLY and ANDREW WK are to team up to play a house party in MIAMI.

The unlikely duo are being paired up by men’s deodorant Axe, who are sponsoring the event, due to take place on March 8. Prospective partygoers must test their pick up lines on virtual models when they visit www.axehouseparty.com, and those with the best ones will gain entry to the event, reports Rolling Stone.

Andrew WK says he’s even gone ahead and done some of the planning for the event.

He says: “We’ll definitely play first because we have songs that are actually about starting a party. Like ‘It’s Time to Party’. That would obviously tell people that it’s time to party. ‘Ready everybody? Now it’s time.’

“And then we’ll just hand it over to Nelly, and he’ll keep it going. And by that point it will have gotten hot in there.”