The star rapper is confronted by police after a row with TWA staff over a pillow...

NELLY has complained to airline TWA and accused them of racism, after being confronted with police officers following a flight from ST LOUIS to DENVER last weekend (June 9).

The 23-year-old rapper, who was travelling first class, said he had been refused a pillow by a flight attendant, and when he later got up to find one, was ordered back to his seat by the pilot and threatened with arrest. He was subsequently given two pillows, but police officers were waiting at the gate when he arrived in Denver.

He asked for the pilot’s name in order to file a complaint, but was told to leave the airport gate by the police officers.

Billboard quote Nelly as saying: “The way it escalated was a result of me being a black man.”

The report states that TWA have refuted the allegations and claim they have a witness to back up the airline.