Will you two just get a bloody room?...

The rap feud between Nelly and KRS-One, rapidly becoming one of the most entertaining in the genre’s history, has flared up again.

The St

Louis newcomer and the New York veteran have been slinging verbal rocks at one another for over a month now in a battle that began over a misunderstanding, but has flowered into a free-form discussion about respect and authenticity in hip-hop.

Both rappers added to the war of words as the battleground shifted to America’s West Coast. Nelly appeared as a studio guest of Los Angeles radio station Power 106 on Wednesday (June 26) and rapped lines about KRS-One over an instrumental track.

In his latest attack on the rap veteran, Nelly said he has “almost as many skills as KRS-One had deals”, accused KRS-One of hypocrisy for deriding Nelly‘s commercial style of hip-hop despite having rapped on adverts for Sprite soft drinks, and said the beef is “nothing to do with Nelly respectin’ his elders”.

“I’m never the one to strike, but sometimes I gotta defend”, he continued before accusing KRS-One of claiming status for himself in hip-hop that Nelly maintains is unjustified. “Who you thinking that you make the rules?/I don’t remember seein’ dirty nowhere in ‘Krush Groove’,” he rapped,

referencing the mid-80s movie that documented the early New York hip-hop scene (and did not featureKRS-One). “Dirty, stop fakin’/Just because you got dreads don’t mean you Jamaican”.

Then, on Saturday (June 29), Power 106 premiered a new KRS-Onetrack called ‘You Don’t Really Want It’. “Nice tryNelly, KRS-One begins, before saying the younger man is “lacking the spectacular vernacular” and suggests that “the whole world [is] laughin’ at ya”.

Then KRS-One offers a bizarre sequence of lines in which he seems to be responding to comments Nelly has made about his physiognomy. “How you gonna talk about my nose to attack me/When you steady guzzling them pills for your acne?/My nose comes from a line of kings/Your acne comes from you eatin’ the wrong things”.

Referring to his earlier call for fans to boycott the launch of Nelly‘s new

LP, ‘Nellyville’, KRS-Oneclaims that “It don’t take me to say/Don’t buy your album – street cats ain’t buyin’ it anyway”.

In a barnstorming second verse of the three-and-a-half-minute track, KRS-One says he is “a flame thrower” while Nelly is “a BIC lighter” and outlines

what he sees as the main difference between himself and the St Louis star: “I’m all about unity and Miss and Misters/You’re all about grabbing money and dissin’ our sisters”. In his final verse he accuses Nelly of having “a spine like jelly” and concludes with the couplet “You copy cat with sloppy raps/You chill with N’Sync – I chill where hip hop be at”.