The rapper's 'Pimp Juice' sounds like a tasty beverage...

NELLY has launched his own vitamin-enriched soft drink, ‘PIMP JUICE’, which is due out in the US next month.

Named after his single of the same name, ‘Pimp Juice’ is made from 10% apple juice and contains amino acid taurine and the natural stimulant guarana. Bright green in colour, the drink also contains vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid.

The rapper’s Team Lunatics company say that Nelly‘s ‘Pimp Juice’ also ‘mixes perfectly with numerous vodkas’.

According to MTV News, a proportion of the proceeds will go to the rapper’s ‘4Sho4Kids’ non-profit organisation, which awards college scholarships.

The drink will swell the Nelly empire, which already includes the Vokal men’s clothing line, the Apple Bottoms women’s range, the Derrty Entertainment label and his part ownership of a NASCAR team.

‘Pimp Juice’ follows in the footsteps of Ice-T’s ‘Liquid Ice’, which came out last month, and Russell Simmons’ ‘Def Con 3’ energy soda, which was unveiled at a beverage convention last month.