This one could run and run...

KRS-ONE has turned the heat up on hip-hop star Nelly in the latest rap feud, releasing a new song to US radio in response to Nelly‘s attacks contained in his ‘ROC THE MIC’ track.

KRS’s track, ‘The Real Hip Hop Is Over Here’, was broadcast on New York radio station WBLS earlier this week. In the song, a two-and-a-half-minute response to the Nelly attacks, KRS systematically rubbishes the younger man’s career, deriding him as a sell-out using Malcolm X’s term, “house

nigga”, and urges rap fans to boycott Nelly‘s new LP, due out in June.

“YoNelly, you ain’t for real and you ain’t Universal”, says KRS, playing on the name of Nelly‘s label, “Your whole style sounds like an N’Sync commercial.”

“Let’s give hip-hop a lift”, he continues, “And don’t buy Nelly ‘s album on June 25th/That’ll send a message back to all the sell-outs/House nigga rappin’, your bottom done fell out”.

KRS ends the song by claiming that “even St Louis don’t like you”, a reference to Nelly‘s recent run-ins in his hometown.

As reported yesterday (May 9) on NME.COM, Nelly uses the track ‘Roc The Mic’, on the forthcoming Jay-Z -helmed soundtrack album ‘State Property’ to suggest KRS-One should be pensioned off.

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