The star, who used to write fan letters to Oasis, finally gets to tell one of them how much of an inspiration they've been to her...

NELLY FURTADO has revealed how a childhood obsession with OASIS, uncovered in the NME, led to a meeting with hero NOEL GALLAGHER at this year’s T IN THE PARK.

The Canadian singer/songwriter had written a fan letter to the band several years ago, and when she heard Noel was a guest at T In The Park, set about finding him.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM she said: “I found him at the food tent and I walked in and he was looking right at me with his chair turned toward the door. We caught eyes, he got up he shook my hand and I said ‘Wow, I came in here looking for you’.

“He said: ‘I read in the NME that you wrote a fan letter to my brother’. I said ‘Yes I’m a huge fan, you’re a big inspiration to me.’ and he said ‘I read that and I thought – about time we got some respect’. He was very cool. It was a great moment. I’d dreamt about it for so long. I talked to him for a couple of minutes and he was like ‘Right then, have a good set. I’ll try and catch you. I’m here with my friend Paul Weller‘. He was very short and very sweet.”

Furtado, set to release new single ‘Turn Off The Light’ on August 20, as well as playing at the forthcoming V2001 festival (18/19 August) also revealed she has been working with Paul Oakenfold on forthcoming material.

For further details see the current issue of the NME (August 18) in shops now.