The star gives in to her love of hip-hop...

[/a] has taken time out from recording her second album to work with rap stars [a]Roots and Jurassic 5.

The Canadian singer said that the recording with the Roots is likely to appear on their new album, while the track with Jurassic 5 is yet to be recorded. [/a] has been embraced by the hip-hop world, and recently collaborated with [a]Missy Elliott.

Speaking about the collaborations, she said told MTV News: “I’ve always had an open mentality with music. Music is inanimate and beautiful. You can make anything happen as long as you’re passionate and you don’t close your mind. I got into hip-hop by chance, just because there were no other kids making music in the city. And that’s how I fell into it. And whatever you can find, you gotta pursue.”


Work continues on the follow-up to her ‘Woah, Nelly!’ album. Speaking about the project’s progress, she said: “It’s still gonna be alternative pop music, but it’s gonna have a world edge to it. It’s gonna be international-sounding, and I’m gonna try to be raising the bar. Basically, we’re just gonna continue to do what we did last time, which is to not care about the outside world and just [care about] what we want to hear.

“Anything could happen at this point. I could walk into the studio with Missy Elliottand we could be like, ‘All right, this is gonna be the next single.’ Or I could just meet somebody one day and we could make magic. It’s so unpredictable. That’s why I love music.”

[a][/a] releases a new single, ‘Hey Man’, on June 24. It is likely she will return to the UK around that time.


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