‘The Mighty Boosh’ and Neon Neon dance-off in London

Har Mar Superstar and Bob Fossil go head-to-head

‘The Mighty Boosh’‘s Bob Fossil – aka actor Rich Fulcher – had a dance-off with Neon Neon‘s Har Mar Superstar at the end of an instore gig the band were playing at the Rough Trade East shop in London yesterday evening (July 24).

The surprise dance-off came after a half-hour set the from the band – featuring Super Furry AnimalsGruff Rhys, Boom Bip and Cate Le Bon, featuring songs from their album, ‘Stainless Style’ – a concept album about the life of playboy engineer John DeLorean.

The band had hired a DeLorean car – made famous in the ‘Back To The Future’ films – which they parked outside the shop. See video footage of the car by clicking on the video below.

Before his dance-off Har Mar Superstar paid tribute to Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip, the creators of the Neon Neon concept, which has just been nominated for the 2008 Nationwide Mercury Music Prize.

“My friends Brian and Gruff just got nominated for the Mercury prize,” he said during the set, leading an applause for the duo. “I’m Burial,” replied Rhys, referring to the anonymous trip-hop artist, who has also been nominated for the award.

Later in the show Rhys dedicated a song to “Ziggy Stardust“, after he spotted a young fan sporting a mask of David Bowie‘s alter ego. The singer/guitarist then donned one of the masks himself.

Following a set that included ‘I Lust U’ and recent single ‘I Told Her On Alderaan’, Har Mar and Fulcher bounded on stage and performed their dance-off to mass applause, the audience joining in and busting some moves.

Neon Neon played:

‘Neon Theme’

‘Dream Cars’

‘I Told Her On Alderaan’


‘I Lust U’

‘Trick For Treat’

‘Sweat Shop’

‘Stainless Style’