New charity single of Manchester poem ‘This Is The Place’ released, with support from Liam Gallagher and Peter Hook

"The best thing I've ever heard to come out of any Mancunian’s mouth”

A new charity single version of Tony Walsh’s poem ‘Together (This Is The Place)’ has been released for the victims of the Manchester terror attack, after receiving support from the likes of Liam Gallagher and Peter Hook.

Tony Walsh, aka Longfella, read the beautiful poem at Manchester’s vigil after a terrorist attack saw 22 people killed and scores more injured when a lone bomber struck the foyer as fans were leaving an Ariana Grande gig at Manchester Arena. Many of them were children and teenagers.

Now, production team New Mount City Breakers have teamed up with Walsh to release ‘Together (This Is The Place)’ with a New Order-esque electro backing to raise money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, Forever Manchester and the Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund.


Liam Gallagher hailed the poem as “the best thing I’ve ever heard to come out of any Mancunian’s mouth,” while Joy Division legend Peter Hook called it “a great poem which captured the mood of the city after recent events released for a great cause.”

On reflection it’s hardly surprising that there was an influx of requests to put my poem to music after the vigil,” said Walsh. “Manchester is the dance capital of England after all. I felt this version though was true to the classic Manchester sound, adding a new angle without detracting from the words and giving the next generation of young people an anthem to make them proud.

“We’re also trying to support the city’s future vision as well as helping with donations to help support people with the devastating effects of the bomb.”

To buy the single and donate to Together MCR visit here, and read the full lyrics at The New Statesman.